Friday, October 7, 2011

Up in the tree...

Look who we saw the other day!

You have to look closely...

My caterpillars! I swear I wasn't looking for them. J and I were walking Makai down the hill to get some lunch, and I simply pointed out, "There's the tree I put the caterpillars in- HOLY SHIT!" I immediately saw one, then another, then another.

It was so strange, because they do not stand out at all. In fact, I had a hard time finding them again when I went back later to take some pictures, they really do camoflague well. They were all within a couple branches of each other. Bare branches I should say, those suckers can EAT! And they are HUGE!

Let's look back at a baby picture below for a refresher (or go here to relive the entire journey!).

Awwww. I think they're gonna make it.

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