Monday, October 10, 2011

Old Dog New Crate

I live in a very dog friendly apartment building, which is beyond awesome. However, once or twice a year they need to come into my unit for maintenance related issues, and apparently the guys doing the work do not think Makai is as enjoyable to be around as I do. I think they might even be a little afraid of the old, wrinkly pit bull chillin on the couch. Hmph.

I got the word some work was going to be done on all the units, and had just one day to plan. In the past I've just stayed home on the day they are scheduled to come, but that's not really all that practical during the week. So, after 12 years, the time had come to introduce Makai to The Crate.

I've read here and there about crate training dogs, but I've never really felt the need to look into it too seriously. Even though he does occasionally get into the drawers in the kitchen and destroy the boxes of saran wrap and zip lock baggies, and I can't leave mail or books lying around unless I want them to be eaten, and toilet paper is definitely not safe if left unattended... Hey, maybe a little crate training for the old boy wouldn't be the most terrible thing after all.

Again, just one day to plan, so no time to try come up with a thrifty option. I sucked it up and got a $115 large metal crate at the pet store (I chose that one because... it wasn't the $160 one?). I got it home and started setting it up while Makai kept his distance from me. He always knows if I'm up to something and does not trust any of my shenanigans.

Once it was set up, I put the little fleece mat it came with inside and invited him to check it out. His reaction is below.

He didn't stay in there very long. Maybe it wasn't inviting enough. Okay, how about if we add a super fun, fluffy, snuggly bed to it?

SOLD! That was his actual second time in the crate (no reenactments here!), with no commands to get in and lay down or anything. I'm flabbergasted.

I know it's hard to tell, but that's his old man happy face. The crate didn't phase him at all. He looooves it in there and spends most of his time in his new little den. When I get home from work he's in there and NOT on the couch. Insanity! He will occasionally spend the night in there too, giving me some much needed leg room on the bed. And on the maintenance day, he could not have cared less that I closed the door to the crate with him inside. What a champ.


Mrs. V said...

What a good 'ole boy! That is awesome =) Good job Schmoops!

Two Pitties in the City said...

So cute...I love that all he needed was a comfy bed. Miss M actually loves her crate, but she loved her friend's crate even more because of the smooshy bed.

Anonymous said...

He does look happy! Good doggy!