Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekend Lovelies: Long Queen Anne Walk

It was GORGEOUS out this weekend. I took Makai out on his longest walk in years, all the way to the West side of Queen Anne hill (I live on the East side).

This yard is about a block from my house. The owner works so hard on her garden, and it definitely pays off. This picture doesn't do it justice, there are SO many more tulips and other bulb flowers in all different shades, but I felt like a creeper taking pictures of her house.

We headed all the way over to Kerry Park. You can see Mt. Rainier back there in the distance! Again, GORGEOUS day.

Next to the park, there is a row of dead maple trees that run in front of a couple of houses. They all have these removal notices on them:

"Tree is dead - possibly poisoned for view." Isn't that sad?? I love that the City put that on the notice though, and I'm glad they are going to be replaced. I understand wanting a better view, but you live RIGHT NEXT TO KERRY PARK. Walk the 20 feet and be a better member of your community, please.

Ugh, sad. Aside from the jerk tree poisoners, I really love this area of Queen Anne and don't get over here enough. It reminds me of the Fabulous 40s back home in Sacramento. Huge trees, fancy houses, snobby joggers. It's all lovely.

This is the view from Marshall Park. I had about 10 different shots from here, and this is actually the worst photo of them all, but this one had something very special smack dab in the middle that I didn't even see until I had it up on my computer. Do you see it??

Yep, that's a bald eagle doing some fishing!

All in all, a lovely day. I think we walked a little over 5 miles. Makai did pretty good, slowed down a bit at the end, but I did too so I won't judge him. :)


Mrs. V said...

Looks like an amazing day and your photos are GREAT!

Vicki said...

Thank you Mrs. V! It was so nice out. A sweltering 64 degrees! I even broke a sweat! :)