Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Lovelies: Spring already, would ya?

Oh Spring. Why must you tease us so? It looks a lot like you have arrived, the flowers, the bits of sunshine... but mid 40s during the day? Hurry it up already! I'm freezing!

Anyway, despite the cold we bundled up and took a little stroll around Queen Anne this weekend to enjoy the blossoms that are popping up here and there. I spent about 10 minutes standing underneath these cherry (?) trees just staring up at the flowers. The pictures don't do them justice, it was like cotton candy heaven!

Love this silent statement from a concerned citizen. Anti-smoking? Anti-littering? Pro-office supplies? :)


-=AHB=- said...

Most def cherry blossoms. There has to be a lovely story that explains Seattles plethora of Cherry trees. Even on poor beleaguered 14th in Ballard, we are lousy with Cherry blossoms.

I looked for pic I know I took of 14th but I came up short. Anyway, Seattle can't help but look beautiful, here's a pic I randomly took of my deck a year ago:

Seriously... no thought, just noticed the light and bam! Fairly decent pic I think.

Seattle: It's harder to take a bad pic than a good one!

Vicki said...

Lol. Oh Bunchie. :)