Thursday, April 14, 2011

Etsy Roundup: Nouveau / Deco Vases

I've always been a sucker for vintage ceramic vessels. Vases, pitchers, bowls, anything that still has a usable function, but also comes with a bit of history. I especially love anything that has more of an organic shape, inspired by plants and flowers and other forms in nature. I thought I'd do a little Etsy hunt and see what interesting pieces I could find, and I found TONS!

Technically most of these are Art Nouveau, but they are all labeled as Deco in their descriptions, something to keep in mind should you ever be hunting in the wild on your own. Maybe Nouveau is just too hard to spell - I had to look it up twice! :)

Anyway, here are a few of the nicer ones I found. I have to try to resist the urge to splurge, as I just bought myself that West Elm owl lamp I had been drooling over. It will be a challenge... (Images link back to their Etsy pages)

Love them all!!


-=AHB=- said...

Prepare to change your mind about the first one....

It looks like Kermit the frog is being melted. Complete with his hands grabbing his face. You can almost hear him scream "What a world, what a world!"

Vicki said...

HA! Maybe he's not melting... but yodeling! I love it even more now.