Thursday, March 3, 2011

Milk Glass

Don't you just love milk glass? It reminds me of my aunt and uncle's house I use to go to all the time as a kid, full of awesome vintage treasures and antique furniture, camellias growing in the shade in the the backyard, the smell of fresh ground coffee filling the kitchen, PB&J with natural PB and nutty bread for lunch, and that warm, dappled Sacramento sunshine streaming in through the open windows... I digress.

One of my sister's friends collected milk glass vases for a while and had a different one at every table at her wedding. Such a lovely idea!

There a lot of inexpensive vintage milk glass items available on Etsy. Here are just a few of my favorites that are listed now (or will be until I buy them all!).


Leslee said...

WOW! This really takes me back to my childhood... My Mom had tose tons of milk glass!! The top photo really resembles the ones she had.

Vicki said...

Right? There's just something naturally nostalgic about it. It feels happy.