Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's garden time!

It's that time of year! Or so I've heard. I didn't start my garden last year until I could stand outside without shivering, but I'm going to try and do it right this year and get a bit of a jump on things. I don't know what I'm going to grow yet, but I'd like to mix in some flowers between my edibles. You know, for looks. Last year's effort was called "The Veggie Venture," I think this year's project will be "Planter Shmanter!"

First things first, I need to prep the box by getting the old plants and some of the old soil out, and adding some fresh veggie blend soil and a bit of compost. I'm going to fill the planter box up to the tippy top with dirt this year, so the plants will get that much more sunlight (thank you gardening extraordinaire Amy Pennington for the tip!).

My planter is in a bit of a sad state after I abandoned last year's "crops." Those used to be my glorious peas!

Wait a minute... is that... what is that??

Noooooo. It couldn't be! It's been snowing and like hovering around 18 degrees for what seems like an eternity...

Holy crap.

Wait. What?

Okay, let's just dig around a little more...

No way!


What kind of mother am I?? If I had just paid a little more attention, think of how they could have grown! They could have gone to college! Oh the shame!

Alright then. Perhaps this year I won't throw in the towel so quickly. I'd like to plan out a few different rounds of harvesting, so I'm going to whip out my Maritime Northwest Garden Guide my friend Ada gave me last year, and am going to make a staggered planting schedule on a (gasp!) calendar. This way I can grow a bunch of different things and have a garden going all year until the next freeze. I'm excited!

And regarding the contition of my hands... I repeat: 18 degrees!! It's been brutal.


Mrs. V said...

Those have to be the cutest, heartiest little carrots I've seen. 18 degrees! Yowsers. Can't wait to see how your garden does this year!

Vicki said...

Me too! My hopes are high... delusionally so. :)