Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turn on Your Arc Light

There's just something cold and lonely about a poorly lit room. I don't have any overhead lighting in my living room and I HATE it. My building has old, concrete construction, so installing or even hanging something from the ceiling isn't an option.

Enter: the floor lamp.

I'm not typically a fan of floor lamps. Those black ones everyone had in the 90s with halogen bulbs put a dark mark on the reputation of the floor lamp for me. BUT, I've been quietly drooling over this one from CB2 for about a year.

So clean and friendly looking, and it would bring a nice crisp design element into my mishmash of boho-artsy-whimsy apartment decor. And it's BIG. I want BIG, warm, happy light to fill my living room.

That's not my apartment. The lamp is cute, right? At $200 though, it seems like a lot to spend on a floor lamp.

Well, Target has something... similar?

Eeeeehhhh. It's close, but I'm not sold. I've only seen it in this picture (which isn't doing it any favors), but it looks a bit flimsy and short. At $70 the price tag sure looks a lot better though...

Choices choices.


Leslee said...

HA!!! You totally had me with "your apartment" photo!!!

Yeah, for the price difference I think I coould learn to love the 2nd choice

Vicki said...

Haha! When I read the draft post I thought, "Hmmm, that looks deceptive!" and thought I should clarify. :)

I think I need to find the Target version in-store and take a look.