Tuesday, February 22, 2011

200th Post / Weekend Lovelies

I didn't realize it until a few minutes ago, but this post marks The Sassy Pickle's 200th entry! I want to thank the four of you who still stop by now and then. :) Knowing there are still a few people reading makes it worth while and fun! I have a bunch of crafty projects planned for the spring, and I can't wait to get to them and share them. So thank you, and here's to 200 more!

Now on to your regularly scheduled post...

Sunday was the first sunny, non-windy weekend day we've had this year, so I took Makai out on a neighborhood stroll to snap some pictures. I had planned on going to this awesome and super old abandoned school nearby to take some pictures of the old architecture, but it's all fenced off and there are bulldozers inside - the sight of which made me nervous and sad. I'm serious, if they tear this sucker down I'm going to make a stink. I don't know to who (whom?), but I'll figure it out.

Anyway, nothing too spectacular, just some fun colors and hints of spring coming our way.

What happened to this tree?? I'm going to say it was lightning and I'm sticking to it. Also, it looks like it has an angry face.

Tons of sailboats out today. A few minutes after this they all lined up and started cruising around a set of buoys like they were racing. Maybe they were? Also, Gasworks Park back there on that grassy knoll.

A gorgeous day, a nice little walk. Shmoops wasn't feeling very camera friendly though, maybe when it warms up he'll cheer up a bit. Oh, and a bird pooped on me and missed my camera by mere inches on the way home. Happy spring everyone!

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