Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A problem I've had with Makai's raw food diet is it's TOO healthy, and it's tricky keeping him at his target weight. He gets plenty of sweet potatoes and yams for additional carbs, but that only goes so far. And you can't just add more fatty meats to his diet, because then he gets... un-pick-upable poops. So one suggestion they had at the AMAZING natural pet store I go to (All the Best Pets) is to try giving him a bit of a cooked whole grain, like oatmeal.

I was a little wary about trying it, because with his genuinely severe allergy issues I take what he eats very seriously. I want his diet to be made of things he might find out in the wild if he were scavenging and eating small prey. But who knows, maybe he could come across a garbage can with some leftover oatmeal in it and have a snack now and then.

Regardless, I'm approaching this with caution.

Also, I underestimated how much oatmeal expands when you cook it.


Mrs. V said...

Why, oh why does oatmeal do this?!?! I love seeing Shmoopie looking up at the oats with such curiousity. So cute!

PWeekly said...

hahaha: "un-pick-upable poops"

When you're sliding into home...