Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome home, Gracie!

Friends! J and I are happy to announce we have a new family member. Meet our sweet Gracie!

Many of you have seen this little bundle of cuteness in our posts on Facebook and Instagram over the last week. We were technically still going through a trial period with her, but we simply couldn't hold in how crazy we were about this little nugget. We knew within two minutes of meeting her (two seconds is probably more accurate) that she was our gal. Yesterday the trial period ended, and we made it officially official by signing her adoption papers. Welcome home, Gracie!

We found Gracie through BullsEye Dog Rescue, an incredible non-profit up here in the Seattle area. She is a year and a half old, she's petite, hilarious, enjoys her own private space from time to time, but is also turning out to be quite the snuggle bug. She happens to look an awful lot like Makai, something we weren't seeking out, but of course don't mind. She actually does several of the same quirky little things that he did, which has us convinced she must be his long lost baby sister from another mister (and mother).

Gracie spent the last year with an AMAZING foster mom, who raised her with other dogs, a handful of cats and the occasional small child. She selflessly devoted her time to teach Gracie how to be a polite and gentle little lady, gave her oodles of unconditional love while she waited to find her forever home, and then had the strength to let her go. J and I are in complete awe of this amazing, inspirational woman, and everyone else who opens their hearts and homes to foster animals in need. We are forever grateful to her and to the fine folks at BullsEye for all they do for these sweet creatures.

We'll have lots more updates about our Gracie Goo as she settles in. Until then, enjoy this backyard montage J put together for "Gracie Day" yesterday. It's set to the theme song from the show Perfect Strangers, which for whatever reason we sing all the time in this house. It's a perfect fit!


Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie said...

1. Congratulations!
2. That video totally had me bawling (like, American Authors "Best Day of my Life" ugly crying). YAY GRACIE!
3. Can't wait to hear more about this little gingerbull reincarnation of the Schmoops.

Just, yay.

Vicki said...

Thank you, Emily!! We are so smitten with Gracie, I can't wait to share more of her adventures! :)

Man did that American Authors video have me in a full-blown ugly cry. I actually hear that song in my head every time Gracie is running around all happy and goofy.

Also, I'm stealing "gingerbull!" :)

Pit Smitten said...

Congratulations- she is so adorable and clearly thrilled to be home!

Michelle said...

She is beautiful! Where did you get her coat?