Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Lovelies: Happy, Wiggly Pup!

Well, I think it's finally safe to say it is SPRINGTIME in Seattle! To take advantage of all this nice weather we've been having, J and I have been making a point to take Makai out on nice, long, leisurely strolls. We all get to soak up some sunshine, and the pooch gets to sniff all kinds of new smells way on the other side of the hill.

And just look at this smiling face:

I'd say he approves! I'm in love with those elephant-style wrinkles on his legs. Let's get our C.S.I. on and zoom/enhance/appreciate them:

Melts my heart! Such a fine wine, this one.

Have I mentioned Shmoops's wiggly gait before? He's always walked like a gator, swaying his rib cage back and forth, but I usually walk right next to him so I don't pay much attention to it. On this walk I kept hanging back to take pictures of random things, and he was lookin REAL wiggly from the back. Check it out:

You should see him when someone new comes over and he gets really giddy, he's got moves like Axl Rose!

This same time last year I walked Makai all the way over to that same lookout, and he was exhausted on the walk back (I felt terrible). This time, we let him lead the way and take us as far as he wanted to, and he didn't slow down at all. I've concluded that he's actually healthier now than he was last year, just marching along like a little soldier. I do believe this old boy has found his own fountain of youth!

And finally, one outtake called: Neener Neener.

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Mrs. V said...

Ah, just love the Schmoops! Our little Bella-boo does what we refer to as run, run, skip....such a goofy little girl =)
Looks like fabulous weather up north!