Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend Lovelies: Whidbey Island

Spring is coming!

Last weekend we took advantage of the sunny weather and went with some friends to Whidbey Island. We stayed at The Inn at Langley, it was AMAZING. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the inn itself, it was just heaven. All wood and metal and perfect.

That's the view off our patio.

I know, right?!

Just a couple doors down from our hotel, was a fantastic shop called Music for the Eyes. A funny little name for a store full of really amazing things. The owner was the nicest woman ever.

I'm usually pretty wary of rug shops, but this one was different. Lots of little trinkets, old and new, expensive and affordable, from all corners of the world.

My favorite pieces were these Moroccan Berber rugs. They all had an amount of wear to them already (which I love), and their designs were all unique. Each one had an asymmetric pattern and not a single straight edge. They just screamed handmade. Gorgeous. I regret not buying one.

Saw these little book planter boxes in the back parking lot of another store. Cute.

We went out and explored the beach during low tide. The sand was tricky. It was veeeery jell-o like, and if you stood on it for too long you'd start to sink.

That is only half the length of those sticks. So deep!

One last view from our room. Ahhh, so nice. Can't wait to go back.


Mrs. V said...

AMAZING! What a lovely place and I am in LOVE with the book planter box...DIY?!?!?!?! =)

Vicki said...

Totally! It looked easy enough up close, they were just little strips of wood painted and nailed down. The titles actually looked like they were done with puff paints! :)