Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Luffa Project: Day 42

They're movin' on uuuuuup!

I moved my six strongest luffas into two large pots tonight. Four of the six look REALLY good, which is about all I can handle on my patio so that's perfect. The rest have been distributed to friends... and I planted two in mysterious locations.

I love ceramic planters (naturally), but they are expensive. I had this great plan to get huge, cheap, plastic pots and just paint them. Well I spent 45 solid minutes staring at spray paint at Home Depot trying to imagine how each color would look; the contrast with the luffa leaves, sitting on the teal patio, in combination with the forest behind them, next to my other pots and plants... and I could not make up my mind. So I left, annoyed and uninspired. Maybe I'll just graffiti them with a Sharpie.

In other news, Makai wiggled his ears out of his head wrap tonight. He was scheduled to get it off tomorrow morning anyway, so I helped him out the rest of the way. He was miserable and his mood did a complete 180 after he was free. I'd say his ear is about 80 percent less water balloonish than before the procedure, so hopefully it doesn't fill back up.

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