Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Seriously, where have you been the last year? This is ridiculous.

I know, I know. I've been boring. I promise I've been working hard elsewhere, though. Dearest readers, I've been working on shipping a video game. Not by myself, mind you, with about 300 other cohorts, and for the last five-ish years we've been working on a huge, beautiful, amazing title called Guild Wars 2.

About a year ago, right about when this blog got suspiciously more quiet, I took over as the User Interface Lead on the project, which meant a lot of responsibility and keeping my head down until we shipped - which we finally did a couple of weeks ago. Everyone worked their faces off right up to the end, and I'm terribly pleased with what we were able accomplish together. To top it off, it's being received very well, which doesn't feel terrible at all! I have the BEST crew on the planet, I really could not be more proud.

What else is new?

While my primary focus has been work as of late, I've found a great creative outlet through Instagram on my iPhone. It's the perfect busy person's hobby!

And in a fun, wacky turn of events, I was included in a new app called Instafocus. They chose 300 photographers from Instagram to feature in their photo gallery, and this little lady was one of them. Crazy! And super flattering.

If you're an Instagrammer, come find me @thesassypickle and say hello! Here's a few recent shots...

So, anything new planned for the blog?

So happy you asked! I want to try something new with this dusty little thing, something to keep me motivated to keep writing regularly, which I've fallen in love with in a big way and have missed very much this last year or so. I haven't given it much real thought other than these two things: I need to keep to a schedule, and I need to write about stuff I love.

Obviously, we ALL love the dog, so he'll still be the star. I'd also like to dedicate a day of the week to something entertainment related; maybe feature a new book I'm reading (I'm working hard on that New Year's resolution!), or a great film we've watched, or an awesome new game we've discovered. A day a week will probably also be saved for something design related or things just generally nice to look at. I do miss those Weekend Lovlies posts...  If I'm able to come up with more than that from time to time (like the occasional DIY project or anecdotal story), well I'll just consider it extra ketchup on the fry. So-to-speak.

Looking forward to things to come! Thanks for sticking around. :)


Mrs. V said...

Congrats on the game shipping and Instafocus!

Vicki said...

Thanks Erin!! xo

-=AHB=- said...

Congrats on the promotion. UI lead on one the biggest games ever made is pretty damn awesome!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much, Bunch!! :) It's been a blast and has felt super rewarding to be a part of.