Monday, September 17, 2012

Beauty Is Embarassing

A few years back I did a short post about some paintings I came across by an artist named Wayne White. I completely fell in love with his work as soon as I saw it. His pieces were different and fresh and FUNNY, which, come to find out, is a rare quality in art.

Color me surprised when I visited KickStarter a couple of months ago to check out what new projects were being funded, and saw there was a documentary made about Mr. White called Beauty Is Embarrassing. And it looked GOOD. I immediately contributed to their project to show my support, and crossed my fingers the film would make it's way to Seattle...

Last weekend, it did! It premiered in NY, LA, and Seattle, and we were there opening night.

IT'S. JUST. FANTASTIC. If you are a creative person, if you love art, or if you just enjoy a good story, search out this film and support it. Not only is it delightfully entertaining (as any movie should be), but Mr. White's point of view as an artist is crazy refreshing. He is one of those rare individuals who can admit that he wants approval and recognition for his work, but he's not obnoxious about it; he's human. It's a strange trait that you don't see too often and I wish more artists would just own it. His desire to be successful doesn't overshadow his talent, though. It's clear this is not a man looking for a gimmick, he's just doing what he enjoys and hopes people actually like it. And lucky for him, they do.

Check out the trailer below, and support this little doc if it comes your way. To quote Mr. White, "It's so beautiful it hurts my feelings."

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