Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Have you heard of BarkBox? It's similar to BirchBox, which you ladies may be familiar with, but it's for dogs! It's a subscription-based service, and every month they mail you a box of goodies for your dog so you can try samples of different products (when you sign up you can tell them Small, Medium or Large so they know to send appropriately sized treats and toys).

A few weeks ago there was a Groupon deal for a three-month BarkBox subscription for $35, and I thought it would be fun to get it for Makai. Our first BarkBox arrived today!

Let's take a look at all the goodies inside!

Wait, what the hell is this?

You put an empty plastic bottle in it?


Okay I get it. It's a toy that crinkles when you play with it. Sadly, I don't think Mr. Shmoops will care very much about the Crinket. If it doesn't taste like a snack, he's already over it before you show it to him. Luckily, I know of another dog who will love something like this that I'll be happy to give it to.

Okay, so that was a bust, but look what's next...

Sweet potato treats! Makai's favorite snack. We've never gotten this kind, but they look good. They are freeze dried and have just one ingredient: organic sweet potatoes. Perfect!

What's next? Oooooh! Mystery meat pretzel!

Next up, a little bath wipe sample. Makai's skin may be too sensitive for these, but we'll try it on one of his feet to see if he can tolerate them.

Fun little apple-flavored chewy snack!

I'm usually wary of these types of treats, they typically have a lot of weird chemicals and ingredients you can't pronounce, but this looks legit!

Some little organic chicken treats...

A 10% coupon for

And a little card explaining everything that's inside the box. Pretty cool!

Someone approves! Here he is gnawing on that pretzel treat. He kept his eyes closed the whole time. Like when I eat ice cream. Must have been really good.

So far so good, BarkBox!

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