Saturday, July 9, 2011

You're HOW old??

Makai turned twelve this past weekend. TWELVE! When I sit back and think about how fast that has gone by, it's mind boggling. He was just a young little thing, like, yesterday!

Here's an old polaroid I found of him from when he was about two years old. The red eye from the flash isn't doing him any favors, he looks fucking scary. If you look past the crazy eyes you can tell he's as sweet as pie though. And look at that dang coat! Soooo shiny! And all that muscle definition!

What a difference ten years makes, huh? Where his neck was once filled out with all kinds of buffness, there is now lots of saggy wrinkled skin. And his pecs have shifted down about six feet. Hey, gravity is a bitch to us all, buddy. No judgments here. I can't help but laugh at how cute he is. Still! And he's just as funny now as he was then, albeit decidedly more grumpy these days.

It certainly wouldn't be a proper birthday without a birthday cake (a stomach-surgery-safe birthday cake, of course). This year's was made of baked sweet potatoes with a little beef fat drizzled on top. And because he's old and he just survived a life-threatening corn cob ordeal, he gets whipped cream on top too. Those are the rules.

A very happy birthday to my favorite pup. Here's to many more!!


Leslee said...

Happy Birthday Schmoops!!!

Looks like yer Momma took very good care of you on your berfday...



So adorable! Happy Birthday Makai

Vicki said...

Thanks guys! I'll pass along the birthday well wishes in the form of ear rubs. :)

Mrs. V said...


Anonymous said...

What a handsome elderbull! Gorgeous!