Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planter Shmanter: Weird Carrots, Etc.

Well that ain't right!

I'm guessing maybe my soil was too compact? Or perhaps I grabbed the bag of radioactive compost by mistake? I'm leaving the others for another week or so, until the tops start to show at the surface of the soil, but I'm excited to see what kind of craziness they turn out to be.

(Late Edit: Turns out carrots like to grow straight when their soil is light and sandy. My soil is too rocky. Hmph!)

The rest of my garden is kicking ass! I was able to harvest a HUGE bowl of baby greens and got a couple of days of yummy salads out of them. Oh, and allow me to introduce you to my crazy huge potato plants...

Insanity! Those were just teeny tiny plants like a month ago. And that photo is a week old! I've since filled the pots up the rest of the way with soil and they've grown even more.

Oh how quickly this...

... turned into this!

It was delicious. :)

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