Monday, June 27, 2011

Log Table

Sometime a year or two ago I saw this little table on I already loved the look of it, but then I read the description of their lovely little Chop Chop table:
Our "living tree" project recycles urban forest old growth wood into naturally beautiful objects for living—without felling a single tree for lumber. This exclusive CB2 collaboration with Chicago designer Paul Pettigrew and Chicago urban foresters Erika and Bruce Horigan explores modern design with an exemplary respect for process. Using only Chicago-area trees harvested seasonally due to the effects of wind, damage and age, Chop Chop tables not only reduce the demand on our nation's forests, they are fabricated within the Chicago metro area minimizing the carbon footprint between tree source, mill and production.
Rad, right? But for $200 I just couldn't justify it and I had to let it go. Cut to a couple of days ago I got my new West Elm catalog and saw THIS little log table:

Also cute (although not AS cute), but sadly this one was also $200! Hmph!

Then the other night we were driving down 148th in Bellevue and I noticed something special on the side of the road. I said to J, "We have to come back by here on our way home! That's my log table!"

So later on, in the darkness of night, we got our ninja on. We went back, parked about a block away, and crept up on the remnants of a big tree that had been cut down. It wasn't near any houses or buildings, I'm guessing it was cut down by the city after a storm. Would anyone REALLY miss a chunk if I took one?

There were about 7 big pieces, all really great sizes, but one was all I needed. And one was heavy enough! Seriously, it was at least 100 pounds. It was slimy on one side and really difficult to carry, but we managed to get it down the road and to the car. It probably looked all kinds of classy to passers by.

Ahhh. And thar she sits, drying out on my balcony. Technically, it's "curing." I'm going to let it sit for a few months, and then chisel the bark off, figure out a shape for it, polish it up, and enjoy my awesome FREE stump table.

Suck it, $200.


Mrs. V said...

SCORE! What a great idea and saved $200 bucks, double score!

Vicki said...

I know, right?? I'm super excited!