Monday, April 4, 2011

Ugly Dog Toys: 101

Okay, that isn't a very fair title, they didn't turn out all that bad. However, I hope in a year or so, I will be able to look back on these sewing adventures and notice a HUGE contrast in skill level. :) For now, let's just enjoy the journey.

Working off of this template I found on Laura Griffn's blog, my friend Michelle and I embarked on making some stuffed toys for our dogs. We started with the bone design provided in the template, it seemed like an easy enough shape to stitch for two novice sewers.

We grabbed the cutest, sturdiest, cheapest fabric we could find in the remnant bin at the fabric store. I think we spent around $7 for several yards of fabric.

Hey, not bad!

Oh, ignore that hiccup in my nice smooth line of stitches.

Ugh, my stuffing hole is REALLY small. Hmmm.

Kong makes replacement squeakers for dog toys, I found mine at PetSmart for $1.99 per pack (both large and small sizes).

I got the bone turned inside out, stuffed with polyfill, and added a small squeaker to the middle.

Okay, they aren't THAT bad after all. Let's try a different shape! Enter the gingerbread man...

Do his legs look a little skinny?

U-turns are really hard to do on a sewing machine when you don't know how to sew.

Club foot!

Oh my god.


Sweet Jesus. They are wearing skinny jeans. And have really buff arms.

I like the rough edge Michelle left on hers for the hair. Inventive!

I had some leftover bits so I made an extra little heart toy.


Not impressed.


MrsV said...

Fabulous work my friend! Yes, it gets easier with practive =) P.S. if those are your hands on the demo I spy a right hand ring....just sayin' (and being nosy) =P

Vicki said...

NOT MY HANDS! Those belong to my very married friend Michelle. :)

The second hands are all mine.

Laura said...

Congrats! I love how your stuffed bones turned out! If you squeak 'em enough, you're bound to get a reaction out of your furry friend. :)