Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Lovelies / Antique Adventures

We took a trip to the Portland area with some friends this weekend for a little R&R, great food, and a wee bit o shopping (the point of the trip was also to stop by the animal shelter our friend's sister has been volunteering at, but that is deserving of its own post).

On our way into the city on Saturday, we stopped off at an antique mall NE Portland. It was great! A really good variety of truly original treasures, and very little... crap? I was able to pick up a couple of reasonably priced goodies (like that working vintage alarm clock above for 10 bucks!) and snapped a few pictures as we browsed up and down the isles.

Cute little Kewpies!

My friend Michelle picked up this lovely framed piece.

This is actually a ceiling fixture that has been re-purposed as a table lamp. Fantastic.

We also found a little friend sitting atop a chair with a dust bunny stuck to her butt. I escorted her to the garden section and found her a nice green plant to hang out in.

Luckily I didn't see a ton of milk glass to tempt me... I ordered FOUR from sellers on Etsy on Thursday!


Trevor! said...

Awesome treasure Vicki!

Vicki said...

Thanks Trevor! I can't wait to go back, there was so much great stuff!