Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planter Shmanter: Peawhats?

I'm a little behind on my planting plan for this year, which is not at all surprising. I wanted to at least get my dirt prepped over the weekend so that when I actually get my act together and am ready to plant some goodies I'll be ready.

It's such a SAD planter box.

I started with removing most of the dead plants and a couple of inches of the old, grey looking dirt from the planter box. While I was digging out some more old shriveled up carrots, I found a mystery treasure...

Now how did a whole peanut get buried in my planter box?

Wait seriously? Two peanuts?

Hilarious. I'll just chalk it up to a sneaky squirrel (who took the elevator up to my hard-to-access balcony?) and add it to the pile of dead stuff pulled from the dirt.

Moments later, I look down at where the pile used to be... and see only some sprinkles of dirt and a patch of wet concrete. The pile of dead plants, shriveled carrots and two rotting peanuts: EATEN. The prime suspect: Shmoops.

Notice the wilted pea vine hanging off the front of his nose (click to enlarge and see the little curly q!). The evidence is staggering.

Anyway, after getting all the junk out of the planter box, I poured in some fresh soil and mixed it in, then added a bag of compost to the top and dug that in a few inches as well.

So much better! I'm ready!


Leslee said...

LOL! Schmoops... He was just trying to help ya out! Now you don't have to throw the stuff in the trash...

Vicki said...

Truthfully, I probably would have given them to him to eat anyway. :)