Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoodie and the Blowfish

There are no blowfish in the post, but it was a suggested title and I approve. This is about hoodies!

As you have likely seen in many pictures, Shmoops has an extensive wardrobe. I SWEAR it's not just for looks. He is an extremely itchy dog, allergic to several different environmental factors out of my control (like 4 different molds and basically all the pollens on the planet). The sweatshirts do three things:

1) Keep his bony butt warm in the winter. Nothing sadder than a shivering pitbull.
2) Help protect his skin from those pesky airborne allergens.
3) Help protect his skin from his MONSTER raptor claws.

Most of his sweaters get massive holes scratched in them within a few wearings, so I can either patch the them till the cows come home, or realize that yes, time IS in fact money, and find affordable replacements.

As I've mentioned in the past, Old Navy is usually my go-to source, but their Dog Supply section has gone MIA again this year. So I've decided to turn to my old pal Etsy! There is a lovely variety of homemade, hand-crafted dog hoodies available, and it ALWAYS feels better to support the little guy. Even if it costs a few extra bucks. Suck it, Old Navy.

Here are just a few that piqued my interest (pics link back to each Esty shop):

Above, both only $16!

The above sweater is not for sale, but rather the PATTERN to make it yourself is. We might be onto something. $5.

Oh for Pete's sake, adorable. $17.50.

$18. It comes in large and is made from second-hand fabrics. We might have a winner!


MrsV said...

Bella won't stop yapping about wanting one!

Vicki said...

I think she'd look great in beige plaid one. :)