Saturday, February 12, 2011

DIY Jewelry Rack

How cute is this? My friend Kelly was tired of having piles of jewelery everywhere (as I think most girls are), so she decided to take matters into her own crafty little hands.

"I got a pegboard and the peg hooks from Home Depot. They have all different sizes and types. They also had the baskets which was a last minute grab. I went to Jo-Ann's, picked out my fabric and ribbon and went for it. You only need a staple gun, something sharp (I used a blade) to poke clean holes through, four screws and a drill (to hang it up)."

I love it! So organized! As I type this post I'm sitting mere feet away from 4 pairs of earrings, one chunky bracelet, and two necklaces sitting on the counter in my kitchen. That's one of 4 areas in my apartment where my jewels get piled. I'm definitely going to have to make my own one of these, STAT.


Mrs. V said...

♥ it! SO perfect!

Leslee said...

I would totally love something like this!! I currently have my necklaces hanging on a banana hanger!

Jackie B. said...

WHUUUT?!? Brilliant.

Vicki said...

I know, right?? I'm super impressed!