Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm sooooo sewing.

This weekend I FINALLY busted out the sewing machine my sister gave me a few years ago and taught myself how to work that sucker. I haven't touched a sewing machine since home-ec in 7th grade when I made some hideous little blue and white pillows shaped like my initials. Lumpy, bubble letter initials.

Yep, feeding thread all over the place. This machine has a scary compartment for the bobbin that I've never seen before, and I accidentally took most of it apart before realizing I was doing it wrong. Thank you, cute British gal with the how-to on YouTube!

Also, after receiving a tip from my friend Michelle, I'm happy to report that Jo-Ann's finally got the memo that large-print fabrics are IN. The little neighborhood fabric store I usually go to was closed for the night, and I was doubtful I'd find anything Amy Butler-esque at Jo-Ann's. Surprise, surprise!

More on what I actually made later. :)

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Mrs. V said...

YAY! Prepared to be fully addicted to that little machine...well, aside from the other little photo taking new machine :) Can't wait to see what you made!