Monday, September 13, 2010

What I've Been Working On

This summer has been bananas busy. Lots of work. Some side-project stuff, very few crafty projects (to my chagrin), but mostly WORK work stuff at my actual job. Luckily it's been fun and we're making some really cool stuff, and Guild Wars 2 is getting great feedback at the shows we've presented at.

So if you're curious, here's a little peek at what we've been working on in cinematics land (it's cute, watch it)...


Mrs. V said...

My jaw is on the floor. Looks amazing. I want to wear the suit and have the computer track my moves :P

-=AHB=- said...

Looks great! Love the fact you'ree using 2d cinematics... classy! Everything I've read points to this being a mega-hit. However, I have to take issue with two things.
1) Needs more Victoria
2) Narrator says "..then we send it off to the sound guys..", correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been led to believe that the score for GW2 is being done by Jeremy "I did the score for Morrowind and Oblivion and I'm kind of a a big deal in the VG scene" Soule. If so, he should not be referred to as one of the "sound guys".

Vicki said...

LOL! You're nerdy. I like you. You're correct, Jeremy Soule is not one of our "sound guys," he is our composer. But he doesn't actually put his music into our game, that's what the sound guys are for. :)

They also are in charge of all the SFX in our cinematics and the rest of the game - footsteps, door creaks, dragon roars, neck punches, etc. They record a lot of it themselves all foley-style. They are a TEEENY team doing the work of a HUUUGE team. They kick serious A.