Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yo Blondie!

My office is located in some serious wilderness, so there are always interesting critters to see roaming around outside. River otters, turtles, geese, the occasioanl coyote (!!!).

But the other day I came across something I have never ever seen before: a blonde mallard duck!

She was sitting with a bunch of her siblings, who were all a normal, young mallard brown. She definitely stood out. Maybe she's albino? Whatever she is, she waddled right up to me and sat down and let me take a bunch of pictures. Sweet friendly gal.

I hope her standing out so brightly doesn't mean she'll get made into lunch for one of the other hungry critters around the park.

She had a brother duck that stuck by her side when she came up to me, and his beak was a bit mangled. I will just pretend he got injured being a good big brother and he'll keep her safe for a while.


Mrs. V said...

Blondie! So cute. The joys of the pacific northwest :) We have blonde mice instead :P

Leslee said...

She is just gorgeous!!!