Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Veggie Venture: DIY Planter Box

Yeowza! Look at those plants! This weekend was all about getting the patio planter box built and getting these guys out of their plastic baby plant containers.

A problem I have with gardening (and most projects) is I'm a huge procrastinator. I should have planted these guys outside like 2 weeks ago, and because I kept putting it off the carrots and the lettuce seedlings DIED. I have to start those two over again, but the rest are ready for prime time. Moving on...

I was worried I'd have to call in some manly boyfriend reinforcements on this project, but I like being a pretty independent girl and really wanted to do it all myself. Aside from the initial Home Depot wood cuts, I did just that.

Done! The peas, snap peas, beans, and 2 pathetic looking broccoli seedlings are settling into their new digs. I left room for the new batch of carrots and lettuce plants, hopefully I don't blow it twice!

In the end, I would have used some vertical boards to hold all the frames together (instead of brackets), and I would have put it on wheels so I could actually move it around after it was filled up. It has about 6 cubic feet of soil/compost in it! SO. MUCH. DIRT. TO. DRAG. UP. TO. MY. APARTMENT. That bad boy ain't going anywhere for a while.

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Chris said...

Looks awesome! Inspired...and a little jealous