Monday, April 19, 2010

If You Build It / The Veggie Venture: Day 4

My Veggie Venture seeds are growing fast (super fast!) and will need to be planted somewhere very soon. But it's become apparent that finding something to serve as a large planter that is cute, sturdy AND affordable... well it ain't happening.

So after a little brainstorming, and some nice "You can do it!" encouragement, I drew a rough plan of what I thought would work pretty well for my patio space.

I said ROUGH plan. It all makes sense in my head. Anyway, then it was off to Home Depot to buy some lumber.

The nice fellas at Home Depot will make several cuts for you for free, and if you're a girl and are polite, they'll make unlimited cuts for free. :)

It's not actually screwed together yet, but that won't take long. It'll look much more glamorous after it's got some veggies growing in it too!

Total cost of the wood planter I wanted to buy at the nursery: $125.
Total cost of wood and screws for my own home-made planter: $18.
Total cost of being a girl and takin' care of bizznass: PRICELESS.

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Mrs. V said...

You GrOw Gurrrllllll ;)