Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cracker Jack Secretary

My Grandma Dot makes delicious goodies for everyone in our extended family every Christmas. Everyone. She mails individual packages of her homemade candies and Chex Mix to each household, adjusting the quantity depending on how many or how few people live together.

This year Grandma was feeling pretty under the weather, and for the first time EVER, none of us were expecting any treats. Then two days before Christmas, there was a package at my door... :)

But since it is becoming harder and harder for her to make all those yummy treats for all of us each year, she decided this would be the last batch and it was time to retire.

My cousin Kevin told her he would like her candy recipes to keep the tradition going for his side of the family, so she sent a set to him, and she also sent a set of recipes to my sister Stephanie. But what about me?? I want to make candy! I want the secret recipe for See's Dark Bordeaux that Grandma cracked especially for my dad (not surprisingly, my favorite as well)! I can make candy too... if I tried!!

Then I got a look at the recipes she mailed to Steph... each one is HAND TYPED on an index card, ingredients on one side, directions on the back. Grandma still types everything on a typewriter! There are like a gazillion cards, and I can't believe she busted out two full sets let alone one. Oh I felt like an ass.

She did send ME a candy thermometer for my birthday a couple of years ago though, so my sister and I will have to join forces and get cookin' come December.


Leslee said...

What a dear, sweet woman your Grandma is!

What an exciting event to look forward to for you & Steph this holiday season...

Vicki said...

She really is great. I'm sad she isn't able to make them anymore, ours definitely won't be as good. But I'm sure we'll have a good time trying! :)

PWeekly said...

This is awesome!
I want a box for Christmas!