Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun little birthday trinket.

I have a birthday coming up this month. A big birthday. I'm trying to ignore it, but it's lurking...

...and then I remembered! Birthdays sometimes bring lovely surprises with them!

The other day I went to get my mail, and there was a mysterious little padded envelope waiting for me. It was from Anthropologie, and when I opened it I thought, "Oh cute! They sent me a birthday card with a candle on it!"

Well it's even cuter - it's a birthday candle NECKLACE!

I wouldn't expect anything less from them than a nicely designed card, complete with a perforation cupcake and pretty necklace bow tied in the back.

Isn't that a friendly little customer appreciation thingie? It really did make my day. It's also a good way to get me into the store to use this 15% off coupon. But whatever, our relationship is give and take.

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DantesPeaks said...

this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen.