Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shmoopie and the Duck

Anyone who has met Makai knows about his love for his own pets. His most favorite pets to have: kittens. HE LOOOOVES KITTENS. He's basically Marc Antony from this old Looney Toons short:

Anyway, being older than him, Bitty would never let him get close enough to give her snuggles, so he had to develop an affection for his stuffed animals instead. For years he's had 2 trusty teddy bears whom he's loved and loved. He'd bathe them until he went to sleep, would pick them up and show them to whomever might come through the door, then take them back to his bed. They are crusty, missing an eye or two, but very clearly loved.

So for Christmas I figured it was time to get him a new pet: a purple platypus that we've named "get-yer-duck!"

He is smitten. :)

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Leslee said...

Awwww... It is obviously lerve :-)