Sunday, September 27, 2009

Itchy Poo

Makai's allergies have been REALLY bad the last couple of months, way worse than usual. Extra smelly and WAY extra itchy. Poor bud. Then a couple of weeks ago I borked something in my shoulder AND his shoulder trying to wrestle him into the bathtub for his weekly torture - also known as a bath. Definitely time for something to change.

So, after much research and thought, a year plus of weekly allergy shots (he had his own doggie dermatologist), yeeeeeears of a ridiculously over-priced prescription diet (from a company that does gnarly animal testing that I hate hate hate supporting), hundreds and hundreds of dollars in tests and steroids and antibiotics... I had what I'd like to call a god damned epiphany.

No more shots, no more nazi kibble, and buddy is getting switched over to a raw food diet.

This was what went into his dinner last night. Doesn't look half bad, huh?

I had put off making the switch because it seemed like it would be too expensive and too time consuming to keep up. To my surprise, it's really not very different from what I was already spending on his "special" food and allergy injections. Plus, there are all kinds of pre-mixed raw food concoctions for dogs, so I won't have to hand-prepare every meal. For now it's kind of fun though.

It's been a little over a week since he's been on an all raw diet, and I may just be convincing myself but I swear he's already a different dog. A little less itchy and smelly, and definitely MUCH happier with a new pep in his step. It's kind of crazy actually. And as a bonus, now I know exactly what is going into his system and where it's coming from. It's nice to have that control and not be blindly spending money on something that wasn't working.

And he LOVES the food!

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Leslee said...

I see a side job as the holistic dog food preparer!!!

Lucky Makai, his Mum loves him so much...