Thursday, August 6, 2009

Montana Critters

We came across lots of curious little creatures when we were in Whitefish last week. Here are just a few of my favorite new friends...

Tons of happy little dragon flies were out and about.

These ducks were hilarious. There was a pack of them that would all flip their butts and feet into the air at the same time to nibble on the plants below them. Like synchronized swimmers!

Duckbutt. One word.

This guy wanted to hang out with the ladies on the boat (he was giant).

His little brother wanted to hang with the dudes in the lake. Typical.

This fellow landed on my (hella wrinkly) hand while I was diligently doing nothing the boat, and he brought snacks with him! So thoughtful. You can watch him in action below...


Leslee said...

Hehehe... Cute little Montana critters!

Whitefish, that is where my brother-in-law drives trains to from Havre!!

Leslee said...

P.S. Your video of the dragonfly eating (was that another bug!?!?!?!) was priceless... Your music accompaniment choice was perfect ;-)