Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Lovelies

The P-Patch in the park next to my house. It's pretty sweet to have something like this that the community takes such good care of (both the P-Patch and the park).

Are you kidding me? Man he's cute. Shmoopie taking a little rest in the flowers.

Dogwoods are in full bloom up here. Such happy trees with happy flowers.

This garden smelled INSANELY good, like fruit salad. I wasn't really paying attention and then I smelled it and doubled back to grab a picture.

It would appear spring has left us and summer has arrived. This rhodie went and dropped all her flowers. Makes for a pretty little pile though.

Finally, a big honk-shoo for the pup in his very own chair, purchased specifically to to keep him off the couch when I'm not home. He's finally starting to warm up to the idea.

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