Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a little stroll...

About a month ago I had this brilliant idea to take you all on a fast-motion tour of the creepy forest behind my building. I mention it often enough, and I thought it would be fun to show that it is actually quite pretty and not so creepy after all. It just blows my mind that this is literally in my backyard, and I live in the middle of a metropolitan city.

Anyway, I did a little test run in May and filmed an entire walk with Makai from start to finish, fully planning on doing a final take sometime later... but now the forest is getting overgrown with berry bushes and is too difficult to trek through with my dog/camera/flip flops/sanity. And I'm feeling lazy.

For a first take it's not THAT bad. If it wasn't so damn shaky I would have kicked it up to 4x as fast, but it was making me dizzy so I went with 2x. Also, I didn't get the camera angle down until about 1:30, so feel free to skip ahead. If you can make it to the end you'll see just how middle-of-the-city the forest is.

Enjoy the tour!


Leslee said...

Tehehe!!! Loved this journey and especially the 2x frames :-)

Christopher said...

nice, helio sequence!