Thursday, June 18, 2009


Something I've been having some fun doing lately is making lemon juicers. Usually with something any more complicated than a bowl there's at least one step in the process I can't stand (like pulling handles for cups, guh). These guys, however, are really fun to do from start to finish.

After bisque fire.

Just before glaze fire.

The one above shrank WAY more than I was anticipating, so it's going to be lime juicer instead. I'm super lazy about test-running glaze combos before putting them on a piece, so I hope this one doesn't turn out to be a total stinker! I'll find out next week after it's fired.

Here's another one I was working on yesterday. It's more bowl-ish than the first, which I'm not sure if I like or not. I definitely like the juicing ridges on this one more. They were a little wimpy on the first one, I think these will function better.

I'm going to keep playing with the shape and size of these guys until I get them to a place I'm happy with. I think if I can get them looking consistent and pretty it would be fun to make a bunch of them and sell.


Dblstks said...

Those are really cool. Is there a place near your casa that you do these at?

Vicki said...

Thanks, T-bone! I actually go to a studio down in Pioneer Square. It's a sweet little setup, pretty small but has everything you need.