Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Lovelies

It was gorgeous outside this weekend! Here are just a few of the delightful sights from around the neighborhood...

Freaking daisy heaven in the little park next to my place. I just want to roll around in them.

Lake Union, lots of boats out today! You can see the Cascades back in the distance too. This pic doesn't do the view justice, it's really really nice.

Lilacs are in full bloom ALL over the 'hood.

The biggest dandelions I have ever seen. See the lone red tulip way in the back?

One of my very favorite streets to walk up. Reminds me of T Street back home in Sacramento. Except, you know, not flat.

This made me really happy. :)

I was working on a project on the balcony with Bitty and I heard a little fluttering sound... it was one of the hummingbirds that frequents my neighbor's feeder, and it totally LANDED to take a sip. I've never seen one sit still before. It wasn't there for long, I'm glad I was able to get all paparazzi on it.

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