Monday, May 18, 2009

Pepper Mill Project

My sister recently picked up this gorgeous red pepper mill by Peugeot. I love love love it and want want want it, but it's a little more than I want to spend on a new pepper mill. Was I going to let that stop me from baby sistering the idea? Nay!

I found this guy at Goodwill for $1.99. The blades still sounded really sharp when I gave it a test twist, and I liked the clean silhouette which I knew would make sanding a little easier.

I took it apart and gave the wood a good cleaning and a light sanding to prep it for painting. I'm totally lazy when it comes to using primer, I usually just opt for more layers of paint.

I used high gloss "colonial red" spray paint. It looks like a candied apple! Delish.

I was out of baking soda, so I gave the screw top a little buffing with some toothpaste (an almost-as-good substitute when you're in a pinch).

Voila! My very own deliciously red pepper mill, for under $6.00!


sarasophia said...

May I just say...I like yours better!!

<3 sarasophia

Vicki said...

Why thank you! :)

Mrs. V said...

I'm going to agree....I like the shape of yours a bit more! Who knew all those years "thrifting" with you would pay off like this! Awesome work.

MissKarenAshley said...

That looks wonderful! If you put them side by side I would never be able to pick out the cheaper one.

Vicki said...

Erin, I know right? It had to pay off eventually! :)

Karen, thank you!

PWeekly said...

haha... This is awesome!