Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miniature Knitting for Coraline

I was at the eye doctor yesterday and she gave me a fun 3D test - "Try and pinch the fly's wings!" It was pretty cute. It got us talking about 3D movies and how great it would be to see Pixar's UP in 3D when it comes out this Friday, and it reminded me how sad I am that I missed seeing Coraline in 3D when it was out. I tried twice, but it was sold out both times. Gah!!

Anyway, all of that reminded me of watching Althea Crome show how she knits the very very teeny pieces that were used in Coraline. It's slightly old news, but if you haven't seen it it's worth the two minutes. Very inspiring!

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sarasophia said...

Amazing! I had not seen this and had wondered how they got the texture in the knit pieces in the movie--how cool that they WERE actually knitted!

I so need to learn that craft:P

<3 sarasophia