Monday, May 25, 2009

The Luffa Project: Day 22

Well, the kids have moved out of bunk beds and into separate rooms.

Unfortunately, I was a little bit of a neglectful gardener last week and I might have lost a couple of plants. I have 14 that are still looking very healthy, but 7 that are iffy. We'll see if having their own little cup makes them feel better.

One mistake I know I made: over watering. When I transplanted them today I was pretty surprised by how damp the bottom of their soil was. I though it was well drained, but I was wrong. Something to remember for next time.


Leslee said...

All new mommies go through a trining process! You are doing great and I love the kiddies new room! HA!

Vicki said...

Thank you! It's been pretty fun so far.

I wish I could mail plants to California. I'd totally send you one. :)