Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Luffa Project: Day 11

Look at that! So close to being a real plant! Several of the sproutlings are at this point, I hope they all make it. Do you like my unintentional action blurring? That's not a shaky camera hand, it's actually the speed at which this project is getting out of control. (Luffa plants get HUGE. What will I do with all of them??)

And look at this! I was about to toss these leftover seeds into the forest behind the building... and they sprouted! That makes 21 out of 25 that made it. That's a pretty amazing germination rate.

Cheers again to Sharon from Sharon's Natural Gardens, whom I ordered the seeds from. She's got lots of other seeds and products, you should check out her store.

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Leslee said...

I can certainly help you out! I feel like an Auntie already... You and your green thumb in that green state you live in... HA!