Monday, May 25, 2009

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

MTV has been playing the hell out of Star Wars this weekend, and it reminded me of this delightful stuffed gem from Heidi Kenney at My Paper Crane.

HILARIOUS. This piece is from The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke hides in the carcass of a dead tauntaun to keep warm on Hoth. It's her entry for Bear + Bird's Stitch Wars, a little exhibition in Florida featuring Star Wars inspired crafts.

If you live in or are going to be in South Florida this summer, you should check out the show, which opens on July 18th.

Bear and Bird c/o TATE’S
4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, Florida 33351

While we're talking about tauntauns, this April Fool's joke from ThinkGeek absolutely killed me. Love the entrails printed on the inside.

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