Monday, April 13, 2009


When it comes to cleaning products I always try to be as green a girl as I can, but uuuuuugh I'm tired of the smell of vinegar. I used a small bottle this week trying to unplug the bathroom sink (vinegar + baking soda = lots o fizz... but not quite enough power), and I just got done mopping with a 1:1 vinegar:water mixture. The floors look great, but...

It stinks. Like feet.

I read somewhere that our brains are trained when we are young to recognize the smell of chemicals as clean, and that I have to retrain my brain to know that the smell of vinegar now equals clean. Right now the smell of vinegar equals feet and I'm beyond nauseous. That 1:1 mixture is getting diluted to 1:4 immediately.

Happy cleaning!


PWeekly said...

Dude - How foul is that smell?

Vicki said...

So foul.