Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michele Gondry makes me very happy.

I read today that Michele Gondry, one of - if not THE - most innovative and crazy creative directors on the planet, will be directing The Green Hornet starring skinny mini Seth Rogen.

I don't even know to 'splain what I'm feeling, but I think it's joy. It's definitely something happy. Michele Gondry is my favorite. Favorite! It's an unexpected match-up, for sure, but I'm super interested to see how he approaches a comic book movie. I think whatever he does with it will be amazing. AH. MAZE. ING.

My first introduction to him was staying up late in the mid-nineties watching MTV. They played the best videos late at night, and his always floored me. (I recommend watching this, this, and this. And throw all his movies into your Netflix queue while you're at it too. DO IT.)

In semi-related news, Here's Gondry solving a Rubix Cube with his nose:


just us said...

Hey Vicki!!! I didn't know that you were into crafts. You are so talented. I LOVE the crocheted (sp?) beenies. Too dang cute!! I'll have to get some for the girls. I've been looking at a blog called I haven't made anything yet but maybe one day i'll get to the craft store for the supplies needed. . . .:o)

PWeekly said...

This is amazing news!!
I am officially pumped!

Vicki said...

Thanks, Missy!! :) Your girls are precious, I bet they'd love to learn with you! (It's totally easy once you get going!!)