Friday, April 3, 2009


Duuuuuude. I just recently learned that a loofah is NOT in fact a sea sponge, but rather the dried out husk of a luffa squash. Whaaaat? How did I never know this? Obviously, now I must grow some of my own. Perhaps the perfect summer experiment for zee new balcony.

Note: I notoriously murder potted plants, so this experiment will likely go in the shittah pretty quickly. See: The Strawberry Catastrophe of 2005, and The Bell Pepper Fiasco of 2007. Disasters.

Groovy Green has a good article about how to make your own loofahs, and I just ordered some seeds from Local Harvest today.

I also ordered some of this Pumpkin Butter, because of the following description: "A wonderful gift for someone that you would like to get FAT." Done and done.

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Mrs. V said...

Is it bad that I ran directly to my shower to carefully inspect my loofah. Certain that mine must be the ONLY one that is not a squash husk. I am still stupified.
I too have the gift of murdering plants.....maybe I can murder up some squash and have a small managerie of loofahs.....