Friday, April 10, 2009

Goodwill Goodies

Behold! My project supply bounty from a trip to Goodwill last night. I highly recommend going at night and during the week. No insane crowds and things are much less picked over.

The jars are for the balcony lantern activity I want to do, the steel bowl was a total accident (I grabbed it just to carry all the damn jars and forgot about it until I was already paying for it), and yes, that IS a stack of old school Harlequin novels. Hee! I want to use the covers for another project that is still floating around my brain. I was actually looking for some cheesy 80's romance novels (the Fabio style ones) but they didn't have any. Wah!

Overall a fairly successful venture, all for 12 bucks.


Leslee said...

GAH! Just found your blog - SO happy!!!

You continue to amaze me with your crafty little brain ~

I'll be watching, in case I can steal any ideas... I do love the silhouettes!

Vicki said...

Please, steal away! Thanks for the lovely words, and and thank you for the Easter card!! You Hornings sure do make checking the mail fun. :)

Leslee said...

Glad to bring fun into your life :-)

How does Makai like his new digs? The scary forest been conquered?

Vicki said...

The forest is totally conquered... but only when it's light out, of course. It's still kinda creepy!

Makai is having a blast doing the Scooby Doo run on the wood floors! He seems to have settled in nicely though, he's found his favorite window to lurk at the neighbors out of. :)